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        Our next step was to establish a line of packing of spices. For this purpose we import the best brands of spices from the South and the South-East Asia (Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand etc.).

Nowadays our range of spices includes the following items:


       Black pepper is usually added to soups, sauces, all kind of meat, meat products, Savoy cabbage, peas, bean, lentil, cabbage, pickled vegetables, goulash, meals from eggs, cheeses, fish etc.


       Pimiento is used for prepearation of puddings, biscuits, compotes from plums and pies. It makes better flavour of meat, especially mutton, sauses, fish, fish salads, pickles,vegetable soups, cucumbers and other pickled vegetables.


       Red pepper is added to tomato soup, fish soup, soup-goulash, bean, cabbage, rice, to meat meals and salads. Can be used for cooking of all kinds of meats and fish.


       Can be used for preparation of soups, eggs, sauces, salads, rice, crabs and oysters.
       It strengthens and makes better the taste of boulon, and meals from chicken meat.
       It is also usually added to mustard, cucumbers and different vegetables, pickled with vinegar.


       It is added to fruit soups, compotes, puddings, fruit rolls, apples, milk beverages, liquers. Cinnamon can be used in minced meat for goose, ducks, beef and pork meat.


       It is used for liquers, hot vines, fuit jucies, stewed fruits compotes,canned fruits. It brings the better taste to cabbage, pork and beef meat, dark sauces and pickled herring. Also used for pickled mushrooms, for preparation of pates, spagetti, fish, sauces for spagetti and italian pizza.


       Caraway is used for baking caraway bread, rolls, can be added to cabbage, potato, soups, salads, fat meat, fish, cheese, carrot, beet, mushroom and caraway soup, etc.


       Nut meg is used for preparation of chocolate puddungs, creams, sweets, pastries, pear compote, jams, baked plums and apricotes. It brings better taste to milk beverages, hot vines, cocoa, soups, pates, fresh vegetables, rice meals, sauces, fish, veal, poultry, mashed potato, salads. Can be added to fruit tarts, ice-creams and creams.


     It is the classical seasoning widely used in Indian and eastern cuisine. The original mix of hot chilli pepper, turmeric, fruits of a coriander, mustard, black pepper, leaves of karri, ginger, seeds of fenugreek, and cloves will give special hot sweet taste to meat and especially poultry dishes. Karri is added to vegetable and rice dishes as well as sauces. Turmeric gives characteristic yellow colour and aroma to dishes.


     Excellent vegetable additive for soups, meat and fish dishes. Add one teaspoon (3 g.) to 1/4 litres of meat broth and cook for 5 minutes. Add salt to your taste. Ingredients: salt, vegetables, (onion, carrot, a celery, parsley), black pepper, sugar, protein hydrolysate, taste and odour amplifiers (sodium glutamate E621).