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        “Victory Ltd.” is established in 1996. For 17 years of its activity, “Victory Ltd.” has gained a decent place on the market of foodstuff in Azerbaijan.

Manufacturing activity of our company covers the following:
  • Packing of spices;
  • Production of mayonnaise and mustard;

More detailed information about these products is in the «Production» section. The trading activity of the company is based on the distribution of the following products:
  • Spices and seasonings;
  • Mayonnaise;
  • Meat products (franks, hams, sausages etc.);
  • Confectionery (sweets, cakes, cookies, wafers, etc.);
  • Dairy products (cream, cheeses, butter etc.);
  • Vegetable preservs;
  • Drinks;
It is possible to know more about the imported foodstuff, which are distributed by the «Victory Ltd.», in the «Distribution» section.

        Policy of our company aims further expansion of the assortment of the manufactured and distributed products. We are increasing gradually the volume and diversity of our products. Today we are proud to say, that we can offer to our customers more than 100 different products of many local and foreign brands! Their assortment is always increases. We were the first on the Azerbaijani market, who introduced many brands of foodstuff products, which became common for our customers, like “SORINI” chocolates, “OLDENBURGER” sour cream, “ELPOZO” franks etc.
        We have well establishes system of storage and distribution of the products. Our main warehouses – dry and coolers – are located in Baku. From them our delivery staff on mini-vans supply the orders to our customers – wholesalers and retail outlets (list and addresses of our main clients are in the «Clients» section). They highly appreciate the stability and results of our co-operation, and their number constantly increases. The network of wholesalers and retail outlets, where today we supply our products incompass
        More than 600 points in Baku and its suburbs. In the meantime we supply the products to different regions of Azerbaijan – Ganja, Lankaran, Shaki, etc.

Our customers do not look for other suppliers, and we always remember our clients and try to meet their requirements in terms of wide assortment and quality of the suuplied foodstuff products, and high quality of our services.